Why CrackSAT?

Right from the Basics

Our classes start right from the basics and then slowly increase the level of difficulty. The focus is on understanding the fundamentals of each concept well before progressing to crack questions in a topic. The idea is to provide students with a framework to handle tougher questions. We follow this step with adequate practice in the form of homework and tests to complement classwork. The crux of scoring high in the SAT is to getting both these parts right.

Faculty Team

Ours is an extremely small faculty team. Our teachers are either graduates from one of the top B-Schools in the country or would have a Masters degree from a leading place within or outside India. In either case, our tutors would have least 5 years of prior teaching experience in this domain. We believe the degree or experience of our tutors is only a necessary condition - not a sufficient one. So, we train our tutors at frequent intervals and assign classes only to those who gain our confidence.

Batch Size

The number of students in our typical SAT batch will be less than 10. An ideal batch size - neither too small that you cannot learn from the questions and doubts your peers might have - nor too big that you are an unknown face in a large crowded room. This ideal size allows our faculty members to know each student by name and provide them personalized input.

Updated Courseware

The SAT study material - including books, class worksheets, practice sets and full length tests are periodically updated. The worksheets are designed to build the fundamentals effectively before progressing to tackle the tougher questions. Our tutors will be available before and after each class to clarify any doubts with homework and practice sets.

A small batch taught by a great faculty team complemented by an updated courseware will provide for an unmatched learning experience